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Amin Trading & Tailoring Establishment, one of the leading Designer and Manufacturer of
Corporate Uniforms in the UAE

About us

We Take Pride in Sourcing and Importing
A Wide Range of High-Quality Fabrics

Corporate Uniform Clothing is an integral part of business culture and everyday office life. Amin Trading & Uniforms is a leading corporate uniform manufacturer. We pride ourselves in being a market leader. The segments we serve range from Hospitality to Security/Military to Corporate to Medical to Education and Food & Beverages and many more.

We specialize in providing high-quality uniforms to various sectors across UAE since 1971.

A sharp and impressive corporate uniform can be a difference between a positive or a negative impression. It can even be a deal breaker!

As a corporate clothing supplier, we understand the importance of

  • Quality
  • Fitting
  • Comfort
  • Customization
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Amin Trading & Tailoring Establishment
Mussafah M-26
Post Box 25450, Abu Dhabi
(+971) 2 645 2786


Amin Trading & Tailoring EST,
Baniyas East
Near Etisalat Building,
Abu Dhabi- UAE
(+971) 2 309 0405

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